How pure is your CBD product?

It’s likely not as pure as you think.

Healing Green Farms grows organic, American hemp and uses the most efficient processes to extract oil with no contaminants. We’ve even designed our bottles to help you reduce contamination with each use.

Don’t settle for less.


Healing Green Farms products are the purest full spectrum hemp extract.


Our bottles are created with a 1 ml food-grade syringe rather than the typical dropper. This makes measuring doses easier and limits contamination over time.


Each bottle includes genuine quartz crystals that help stir and blend the oil.


You can customize your product to fit your needs. Choose your concentration, carrier oil, and even packaging!

Experience the benefits of the purest CBD.

You’re invited

The Community Marketplace at Healing Green Farms

Join us at our venue packed with local goods, music, food, and activities. You’ll find everything you need for your holiday shopping, plus you’ll get to enjoy a fun day at a beautiful rustic location rather than a crowded shopping mall.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you may see here at the farm:

Food trucks and vendors

Live music

Local artists and crafters

Home goods and services

And much more

Visit us in Willow Springs off Highway 42.

Movie nights

Freshly cut Christmas trees

Holiday decorations

Free classes

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