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What is Healing Green Farms?

  • A local event venue
  • A gathering place for family and friends
  • A working farm specializing in organic CBD products

Meet Janie Dickens

Janie’s parents always used to say “we escaped the farm”. Her mom had spent her childhood on the rolling fields of Healing Green Farms in Willow Springs, NC. She’d grown up, and moved away, on to pursue suburban life. As a result, vacations during Janie’s childhood always meant “going back home”. Janie spent her lazy summer afternoons riding around in her grandpa’s pickup truck, often in search of an orange push-pop to ease the North Carolina heat. She learned to plant and harvest from her grandmother. Upon inheriting the farm, Janie yearned to turn it into a place that still invoked the same sense of family, and community, that she’d had when she was younger. That’s why we say “come on home” to Healing Green Farms.

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