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Janie Dickens

Janie is the boss lady, and the absolute heart of the operation. Janie’s parents always used to say “we escaped the farm”. Her mom had spent her childhood on the rolling fields of Healing Green Farms in Willow Springs, NC. She’d grown up, and moved away, on to pursue suburban life. As a result, vacations during Janie’s childhood always meant “going back home”. Janie spent her lazy summer afternoons riding around in her grandpa’s pickup truck, often in search of an orange push-pop to ease the North Carolina heat. She learned to plant and harvest from her grandmother. Upon inheriting the farm, Janie yearned to turn it into a place that still invoked the same sense of family, and community, that she’d had when she was younger. That’s why we say “come on home” to Healing Green Farms.

Janie Dickens - Healing Green Farms
Farm Joe - Healing Green Farms

Meet FarmJoe

FarmJoe comes to Healing Green Farms by way of Colorado, Hawaii, and casually passing by on Highway 42. No, seriously!

He just showed up on the porch of the farmhouse one day with his trusty pup, Ringo and asked if he could be a part of whatever we had going on. (Who DOES that?!) As he detailed his experiences designing greenhouses, growing hemp, operating a farm market (not to mention he’s got pro graphic design and art skills), we were certain we were being punked. But as it turns out, Joe is all that and more.

His only kryptonite seems to be his super popular first name, so to add to his mystique we have awarded him the creative new moniker of FarmJoe. We call him our “cultivator.” He’s the people-guy cultivating customer relationships to support their healing journeys with CBD. He’s the science-guy cultivating his love of horticulture by testing new processes in the greenhouse and fields and bringing new plants to market. And he’s the hometown guy cultivating our presence in the community by representing Healing Green Farms at various local events. While we pride ourselves on being a woman-owned and operated enterprise, we sure are glad to have FarmJoe on the team!

Amanda Faircloth

Amanda Faircloth is a rare gem. Honestly we don’t even think she’s from this dimension. She is equal parts amazing wife and mother and bada$$ farm boss! Like so many of our friends and helpers, Amanda’s origin story with Healing Green Farms is quite epic. It all started in Spring ’21 when Janie posted on social media for someone. . .anyone. . .who was immune to poison ivy that might want to tackle a special project. Amanda replied that she would love to dive in, and the rest is history. Her background is about farmlife – taking every ag class in high school, graduating from NC State with an animal science degree, living and working on a 30,000 acre cattle ranch in Nebraska, managing a 2,000 head sow farm (those are pigs for you city folks), and handling every.single.detail of whatever needs to be done at Healing Green Farms! In addition to raising the two amazing humans she brought into the world and enjoying family time, Amanda loves reading, hunting with her hubs and their prized Blue Tick Coon dogs, and traveling. We would be lost without her!
Amanda Faircloth - Healing Green Farms