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Looking for a Natural, Rustic Vibe for your Photography?

 We’ve got it!  Situated on Highway 42 in Willow Springs, NC just 12 min west of Interstate 40, our generational family farm is the perfect spot to capture unique images.   And with an indoor restroom and quaint dressing room, your clients will enjoy the modern comforts that make everyone more comfortable.  Check out all the farm has to offer!

Our Photographic Locations


 With three unique barns on the property, just about any vantage point provides an authentic rustic backdrop for your photoshoot.

Rose Garden

The rose garden at Healing Green Farms is truly one of our favorite spots. Boasting 300 bushes and featuring over 25 unique varieties, our rose garden makes a breathtaking backdrop for portraits! As with all things in nature, timing is unpredicatable–but in general the rose garden is available for photography from mid-May through mid-November.

Bamboo Grove

Capturing images with an almost tropical feel is possible on a farm in North Carolina!  The Bamboo Grove provides a truly unique vibe.  We also have a stand of BLACK bamboo on the property that is currently being prepped for use.  Stay tuned!


The Enclave is tucked away under a stand of pines and hardwoods and provides an excellent source of dappled light.  It’s also especially handy when you need an area with a hard surface.  This spot also offers amazing sunset views.


 The barnyard is aptly named, as it’s surrounded by 3 unique barns.  This wide open space is perfect for large group photos, or action shots (dogs and frisbees, anyone?)  Turn in any direction and enjoy a new and unique vantage point.  Great sunset views from this spot!

Barn Shelter

The Barn Shelter is a large covered pavilion that features a gravel and concrete floor, along with a variety of visual textures.  It’s a great spot for group shots, less direct light, and an alternative if rain pops up.

Farm Path

Our iconic farm path is one of our most popular spots.  With sections of gravel transitioning to dirt, it’s flanked by working farm fields and large oak and pecan trees.  There’s no shortage of picturesque farm views along this path.

Blueberry Patch

We can thank Aunt Martha for planting these 100 or so blueberry bushes about 30 years ago.  They were left ignored for decades but after 2 years of “excavation,” we found another unique spot to enjoy all that nature has to offer.  Throughout the season, both with and without berries, the Blueberry Patch provides a gorgeous landscape for photography.

Rental Pricing

  • $50/hour (2 hr min)

  • $75/hour for rose garden in season (approx May-November)

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